Robbins Borate Treated Wood

Stock the treated-wood that provides maximum Mold and Termite Protection!


Borate wood preservatives have been used to treat wood for interior construction for over 70 years!

Borates are naturally occurring minerals and are a common ingredient in many household products including laundry detergents and eye drops. Borates prevent fungal decay and are deadly to termites, carpenter ants and roaches – but safe for people, pets and the environment making it the most suitable wood preservative for interior construction components.

Robbins Borate Treated Wood can be used for all interior framing lumber, including sill plate, wall studs, ceiling joists, trusses and millwork, plywood cladding and flooring, and for any other interior wood components not normally exposed to water.

Safety Data Sheet

Advantages of Robbins Borate Treated Wood

  • Safe, naturally occurring preservative
  • Compatible with the same fasteners used for untreated wood—carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper and silicon bronze—so there’s no need to spend extra on special fasteners.
  • Termites are repelled by Robbins Borate Treated Wood and will not tube over it
  • Inhibits mold growth